Friday, October 16, 2009

Life in Fairbanks during the Korean War

Question: How can I find out how life in Fairbanks was during the Korean War?

Answer: From our searches it doesn't seem like there are many books specifically about Fairbanks during the period of the Korean War (1950-1953). However the books below are general histories of Fairbanks and should have something to say about the 1950s:
by Dermot Cole
Publisher: Fairbanks, [Alaska] : Epicenter Press, ©1999.

by Dermot Cole
Publisher: San Antonio, Tex. : Historical Pub. Network, ©2002.

by Charles H Parr
Publisher: [Fairbanks], Alaska : Inkworks, ©2000.
You should be able to borrow the above books through your local library using Interlibrary Loan.
Another option for learning about Fairbanks life in the early 1950s would be to examine some of the newspapers of the time. Fairbanks newspapers covering the period 1950-1953 include:

Fairbanks Daily News-Miner
Region: Interior Publication dates:
Frequency: daily

Farthest-North Collegian
Region: Interior
Publication dates: 1923-1958
Frequency: frequency varies

History: Began in Feb 1923 and was published at least through the Jul 1958 issue. Was the official campus newspaper of Alaskan Agricultural College and School of Mines which became the University of Alaska.

Jessen’s Weekly
Region: Interior
Publication dates: 1942-1968
Frequency: weekly
Editors: E.F. Jessen,

Midnight Sun (Ladd Field)
Region: Interior
Publication dates: 1946-?
Frequency: biweekly
History: Began with the Mar 22, 1946 issue. Date when publication ceased is unknown. It continued the LADD FIELD MIDNIGHT SUN (1942-1946). It was published in the interest of the military personnel of Ladd Field, Alaska. Microfilm holdings: 1951-1952

The above newspapers are available in microfilm at a number of Alaskan librarians and are available for interlibrary loan.

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