Friday, July 25, 2008

Alaska Commissioners of Labor 1959 - Present

Question: What were the names and terms of the Commissioners of the Alaska Department of Labor since Statehood?

Answer: See below for names and terms of office. The Alaska Department of Labor changed its name to Department of Labor and Workforce Development in 1999 as a result of ch. 58, SLA 1999.

Commissioners of the Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development, 1959 – Present

Compiled by Daniel Cornwall, Alaska State Library
August 2007 (Updated April 2015)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Alaskan Pictures

Question: How do I get Alaska Native photographs that are available for our presentation?
Answer: There are several places where you can find photos online that might be useful for your presentation. For historical photos (and other resources), you might want to try Alaska's Digital Archive, online at This includes digitized materials from several different Alaskan repositories, including the State Library and University of Alaska.
You can find additional resources at our website on royalty free and public domain materials, online at I would recommend scrolling down the page to the Photos heading. In particular, you might try the first option, the Alaska Images Library.
Another good resource is the Alaska Photo Library from the Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development, online at Many of these photos are licensed, so be sure to check for the license agreement to make sure that your use is allowed.
If you don't find what you want online, there are also some wonderful repositories within the state. Many participate with Alaska's Digital Archive, but have additional collections at their locations. You can find a list of participants with links to their copy policies and contact information at To access their photos, you may need to go to their location and there may be associated fees. If you still don't see what you want, check out the Alaska Library Directory

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Accessing Older Alaska Newspapers

Question: I am looking for an article published in a February 1966 issue of The Frontiersman.
Answer: The Alaska State Library holds microfilm of issues of The Frontiersman published in 1966. Information about our collection of Alaska Newspapers on microfilm is available at

You can place an ILL request for an article in The Frontiersman or the microfilm through your local library. Your local library then contacts us and we transmit the article or ship the film to your library for your review. We can loan up to four reels of our newspapers on microfilm to any single library at any one time.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Repeat Criminals in Alaska

Question: Where I can find information on repeat offenders in Alaska?

Answer: Here are a couple of recent reports from the Alaska Judicial Council that cover repeat offenders in the State of Alaska:

Criminal Recidivism in Alaska (January 2007)

Recidivism in Alaska's Felony Therapeutic Courts (February 2007)

Questions to ask yourself that might lead to additional resources include:

1) Whom do you consider a repeat offender? Are you looking for a certain kind of offender?
2) Is there a particular type of crime that you are interested in?

Monday, July 7, 2008

I want crab. Just for me and mine.

Question: I want to fish for crab for my own use. Can I do that?

Answer: The Fish & Game department has a page specifically about Personal Use Fisheries at: You can see 5 AAC 77.664. Personal use king crab fishery by opening the Codified Statewide Personal Use and Subsistence Fisheries Regulations on this page:

As odd as it sounds, the personal use fisheries are regulated by the Division of Commercial fisheries, so it would be best to check with the local ComFish office about permits and possible fishing closures that may take place under the regulations linked above. ComFish office locations and phone numbers can be found at