Thursday, June 12, 2008

Famous Alaskans

Question: I need a famous Alaskan to write a paper on.

Answer: Alaska has generated a number of notable people, including Elizabeth Peratrovich, Ernest Gruening, Mike Gravel, Jewel, and Carlos Boozer. You can find a list of notable Alaskans with brief details at For more in-depth information about a particular famous Alaskan, try a search in our catalog, or WorldCat, the global library catalog. Wikipedia can be helpful too, especially for pop culture figures, but be sure to check the information you find there against other sources.

If you live in Alaska and are looking for recent information about living notable Alaskans, it's worth it to give the Digital Pipeline a try. For example, as of June 2008, a quick Pipeline search brought up 166 articles on basketball player Carlos Boozer.

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