Friday, August 22, 2008

Transition Reports to the Governor

Question: I looked online for transition reports to Governor Palin and could not find them. Do you have copies that I may check out?

Answer: We have circulating copies of all of the Alaska State agency transition reports produced for Governor Palin in 2006. You find records for the entire collection here. You can search the library's catalog yourself at Search for the words "transition report governor" and limit the publication year to 2006. You should retrieve a list of sixteen reports to the Governor.

In addition, we have transition reports for previous Alaska governors going back to 1982. To generate the full list, use the search above, but leave out the Pubyear.

If you are in Juneau, you can browse the transitional reports in our Circulating collection by going to the section JK 9538. If you are outside of Juneau, you can request the reports through Interlibrary Loan at your local library.

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