Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Death Certificates

Question: I’m looking for the death certificate and burial information of a relative who died in Alaska. Where can I find this information?

Answer: You can request a copy of Alaskan death certificates from the Bureau of Vital Statistics. For more information on the process, instructions and forms please go to: http://dhss.alaska.gov/dph/VitalStats/Pages/death/default.aspx

Additionally, if you would like a copy of an Alaskan obituary let us know the date and newspaper that it was published in and we can see if it’s available to make a copy of for you. You can find a list of what Alaskan newspapers we have access to here:

Even if you don't have the all of the information we need to look up an obituary for you, we may be able to help. Try looking at our genealogy resource guide, online at http://library.alaska.gov/pub/online/akgene.html, for additional sources.

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