Friday, November 6, 2009

History of Alcohol in Alaska

Question: I'm interested in learning more about the history of alcohol use in Alaska. Can you suggest some resources for me?

Answer: There are a number of resources that may be helpful in studying the historic use of alcohol in Alaska:


Andersen, Thayne I. 1988. Alaska hooch: the history of alcohol in early Alaska. [Fairbanks, Alaska] (Box 80384, Fairbanks 99708): [Hoo-Che Noo. -

Conn, S., & Moras, A. (1986). No need of gold: Alcohol control laws and the Alaska native population : from the Russians through the early years of statehood. Anchorage: School of Justice, University of Alaska. -

Clicking on the links above will give you a list of libraries that hold these books. If you don't live near one those libraries, request the book at your nearest library through Interlibrary Loan.


Norris, Frank Blaine. Alaskans and the prohibition experiment. Politics and government in Alaska's past, (1995), pp. 81-91.

Watson, Angela. Revenue stamp examples and the history of alcohol control in Alaska. Alaskan philatelist, v. 43, no. 3 (3rd quarter, 2007) p. 65-66.

Web Resources

History of Alcohol Control in Alaska (From Alcoholic Beverage Control Board, Dept of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development) - This page gives a brief timeline of alcohol control.

Alcohol Control by Referendum in Northern Native Communities: the Alaska Local Option Law
By Matthew Berman and Teresa Hull
Institute of Social and Economic Research
University of Alaska Anchorage - This 21 page article has a section on the history of alcohol regulation in Alaska starting on page three.

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