Friday, January 29, 2010

Type 1 Diabetes

Question: I am an Alaskan and I was recently diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Could you send me a few online resources to familiarize me with the disease and the local resources available to me?

Answer: There are numerous resources to assist you in managing diabetes. Here are a few reliable starting points:

State of Alaska, Health and Social Services, Alaska Diabetes Resource Guide.
You will find an extensive list of health care organizations across the state that address various aspects of diabetes. In addition, the guide offers practical advice on nutrition, exercise and children with diabetes.

American Diabetes Association, Living with Diabetes.
This is a great starting page for someone recently diagnosed as it covers what to do first, treatment options and the complications that may arise.

American Diabetes Association, Type 1, Basics.
The web page links you to information on medication, blood glucose control, family care and more.

MedlinePlus, Information and Guides.
From this page you can learn the essentials of managing both Type1 and Type 2 Diabetes and where to find further information.

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