Friday, July 30, 2010

Alaskan songs

Question: Could you help me find the lyrics and a recording for Aleut Lullaby and O'er the Tundra?

Answer: It looks like these songs can be found in the book:

CACHE OF SONGS FOR ALASKA. Delaware, Ohio. Cooperative Recreation Service, Inc., 1959. 80 p. (Includes words and music for several Alaska songs: Alaska's Flag; Aleut Lullaby; Song of the North; Alaska, My Alaska; Home on the Snow; O'er the Tundra; Our Alaska; Kusehani; Spirit of Alaska.).

According to our finding aid, we have this songbook in our Historical Collections, MS075, but it cannot be checked out. You can contact our Historical Collections directly with any questions at or 907-465-2925. It looks like the book is also available through some used book dealers.

I haven't found any CDs with both of these songs. I have found An Aleut Lullaby as a CD or download, but I don't know if it's the same song as Aleut Lullaby. I didn't find any recordings of O'er the Tundra, but have found some of She'll Be Coming O'er the Tundra. Again, I don't know if this refers to the same song or not. For either of these titles, trying putting the song title in quotes in your favorite internet search engine to find purchasing options.

Good luck in learning about Alaska's musical heritage!

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