Thursday, October 28, 2010

Local Sales Taxes

Question: How many communities in Alaska do NOT have a sales tax?

Answer: Currently, 253. You can verify this for yourself by visiting the Alaska Community Database. Under Public Query System, go to Advanced Search Options, select all the communities in the left hand box and add them to the right hand box, then click Next. On the next screen, choose "sales tax" from the left hand box and add it to the right hand box, then click Next. Then run the report. Save the file and open it up in your favorite spreadsheet. When we checked, 253 was the number of communities that report "None".


Anonymous said...

What percentage of the whole is that?

Freya said...

Assuming that Anonymous is asking for the percentage of communities in Alaska that don't have a sales tax, here's what I found:

Going to the same community database, there were 395 communities listed. Since 253 listed 0% tax rate, "No Taxing Authority" or "None", if my math is correct, that would be 64% don't currently tax sales.

Anonymous said...

Quyana for your reply!