Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Public Land Orders

Question: Where can I find a Public Land Order?

Answer: Public Land Orders (“PLOs”) issued by the United States Department of the Interior are published in the Federal Register. The Department of Interior publishes tables identifying where in the Federal Register each PLO is published. You will need the approximate date of the PLO or the PLO number to use these tables. If the PLO was issued in or after 1994, you can find it in the Federal Register online using the citation you found in the PLO tables. In time, earlier issues of the Federal Register may become available online. If you know the title or subject of the PLO but don’t have the Federal Register citation or could not find it in the PLO tables, you can search the Federal Register using keywords from the title or subject. If you need a PLO published in the Federal Register before 1994 or could not find it using the above methods, check with your local Federal Depository Library.

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