Friday, August 14, 2009

Alaska State Flag colors

Question: What are Pantone colors, and what do they have to do with the Alaska State Flag?

“Pantone” is a trademark of Pantone, Inc., and refers to the Pantone Matching System used in commercial color printing and has now expanding out to web design, textiles, paint, and plastics. Pantone colors help maintain standardization of color schemes, keeping colors consistent print after print.

The Pantone colors for the Alaska State Flag are OG blue pms 2768 and Spanish yellow pms 1235. Alaska State Statute Sec. 44.09.020 describes the colors as “The stars shall be the color of natural yellow gold and the field of blue shall be of the same shade of blue used in the official manufacture of the national emblem of the United States.”

Below is the exact layout of our flag, as specified by Alaska Statute.

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