Friday, August 7, 2009

Need to Mend a Fishing Net?

Question: I am looking for fishnet mending techniques. Is there a source on the internet for this type of information?

Answer: The National Sea Grant Library’s searchable database of Sea Grant-funded documents includes resources on fishing net repair. Information about the database is available at You can search the database at A search for the terms "net mending" retrieves three documents. Two are available in PDF format. These include: (1) Hillier, A. J., & Recksiek, C. W. (1982). Introduction to net mending. [Kingston, R.I.]: University of Rhode Island (described in at; and (2) Lorimer, P. D., & Sea Grant. (1976). Net mending and patching. Pacific Sea Grant Advisory Program, PASGAP 9. [Corvallis]: Oregon State University Extension Service, Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program (described in at See for ordering information for the third document, which is a 1989 revision of Lorimer's 1976 document titled "Net Mending and Patching" (described in at

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