Friday, August 14, 2009

Finding Historical Fiction

Question: Can you recommend some good historical fiction based in Alaska?

Answer: We have created a list on WorldCat called Alaska Historical Fiction at Click on any title for a list of libraries holding that item, or to explore other works by the same author or subject. This list was created by reviewing books listed on the former Alaska State Library Historical Collection publication Some books about Alaska, which was web posted from 1994 to 2000. Some books about Alaska listed both fiction and non-fiction books and all were reviewed by at least one librarian.

If you are interested in historical fiction, but don't want to be limited to Alaska, check out the other historical fiction lists on WorldCat. The State Library is not endorsing these lists, just offering links for information.

Another great source for finding Alaskana is NoveList, a database that allows you to search for novels based on various criteria, including location. Entering "Alaska historical fiction" in the search box brings up over 100 results. NoveList is available through the Alaska State Library for all Alaskans or through local libraries around the world.

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Freya said...

If you're an Alaskan, or otherwise have access to NoveList [Alaskans can look under literature at], you may want to give that a shot.

Since I didn't want to spend a lot of time, I just searched on Alaska history, and then chose the subject (on the left) "historical fiction", and I found 22 titles. I imagine that if you play around with your search strategy, you may be able to come up with more.

If you do, please leave a comment here with how you got your results!